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Swisstrax® Modular Tile
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Swisstrax® Modular Tile
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DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION - Larger 15.75” x 15.75”( vs 12” x 12”) tile covers more area quickly
Thicker 3/4” (vs 1/2”) tile prevents curling and splitting edges.

•SUPERIOR STRENGTH - Compressive strength 3,120 psi and 70,000 lbs rollover weight.

•NON-SLIP - Vented surface with 1/4” built-in self draining channeling system keeps
customers feet dry and free from mud.

•HIGHLY FADE RESISTANT - UV Stabilizer mixed into the materials as well as the color
pigments, making tiles highlyfade resistant.

•HIGH PERFORMANCE - Outperforms other brands in high traffic areas.

•VARIETY - Available in a wide variety of colors to accent trailers, games,
booths, rides and much more!

*Color Choices:


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