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Technobeam made by High End Systems
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Technobeam made by High End Systems
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Previously used as demo units displayed at trade show. Stunning light output and extended lamp life are combined with superior photolithographic image projection quality in a compact package destined to revolutionize intelligent lighting in retail, themed environment, entertainment, architectural and other applications. The fixture's remote focus provides razor sharp beam or image projection at various trim heights and throw distances. As with all Lightwave Research intelligent luminaires, Technobeam includes remotely controllable and programmable full optical dimming, fade-to-black, and variable-speed strobe effects.


  • Remote focus
  • Full dimming and fade-to-black
  • Variable-speed strobe
  • Yoke assembly features sliding track for mounting flexibility
  • Power factor correction
  • Self-adjusting fan speed to compensate for ambient temperature conditions

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