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Tri-Proof LED Light 6'/1800mm
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Tri-Proof LED Light 6'/1800mm
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Save energy and money when you install this Tri-Proof LED light fixture. Shatter-, water- and dustproof, tri-proof lights can be brighter than equivalent fluorescent light.

Tri-proof LED light fixtures are built to be long-lasting, durable and better against the elements. Easy to install and connect, each fixture operates with 100 – 240VAC input power.

Extremely versatile, find Tri-proof lighting LED fixtures used for commercial or utility lighting needs such as grocery stores, schools, bus stations, airports and factories. These Tri-proof LED Light Fixtures withstand high temperatures, dust and corrosion and built for indoor and outdoor use.

  • 6 feet/1800mm
  • 100-240VAC; 70 Watts
  • Shockproof + Waterproof + Rustproof = TRI-PROOF!
  • Durable; vibration resistant
  • Uniform brightness
  • Easy to install
  • No base required
  • Withstands high humidity, dust, corrosion
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