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Gen Connection Bay 1200A 53 In Belly Mount
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Gen Connection Bay 1200A 53 In Belly Mount
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Standard features include all copper bus assemblies, live circuit indicator lights, Series C circuit breakers, and concealed interior utility light.

All units are pre-wired and UL Listed.

Simply mount in your trailer and connect the leads from the gen sets main breaker

We can also supply lead lines, standard and customer cable assemblies for a turn-key system.

  • 2 x 400A Large Cams Circuits
  • 5 x 225A Large Cam Circuits
  • 4 x 100A Mini Cam Circuits
  • Standard Finish: White
  • Dimensions Belly Mount: 53.125” W x 22.250” D x ” 31.000” H
  • Through Wall Mount: 53.125” H x 22.250” D x ” 35.000” H (plus flange)
  • NEMA 3R Stand Alone Unit: 53.125” H x 22.250” D x ” 31.000” H

Optional features include: Ground Rod Connection Cams, Electrical Metering(volts/amps/frequency), input connection bars and engine monitoring.

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