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4 Channel Digital Voice Repeater (version 3)
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4 Channel Digital Voice Repeater (version 3)
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Continuous Play or Selectable Message Playback
Up To Four User- Recordable Tracks
Easily Connects to Sound/Paging Systems

This DVR-120 v.3 professional digital audio playback/ recordable voice module is ideal for repeating messages on the midway, game areas, ticket booths, exhibits, concession stands, amusement rides, parking areas and more.

Configure as two fixed siren sounds and two voice channels OR configure as four voice channels. Record up to eight minutes of message/voice/music divided equally between the number of voice channels configured. Messages can then be manually triggered, triggered by a switch or sensor or be set for continuous playback.

You can record sound directly into this unit via the built-in condensor microphone or load audio from a computer interface (.wav file format)

  • Four Channels Configurable as: Two Siren and Two Recordable Voice OR Four Recordable Voice
  • Maximum record time is 8 minutes divided equally between the number of voice channels
  • Siren Sounds: Classic Yelp Siren, Temporal Coded Horn, and Steady Industrial Horn
  • Temporal Coded Horn meets ANSI standard for Audible Emergency Evacuation Signaling
  • Recordings stored in non- volatile memory
  • Voice channels accept momentary triggers
  • "One Shot" or Continuous voice playback settings
  • Built-in condenser microphone for recording
  • Adjustable speaker volume and current draw
  • Powerful 24 watt audio amplifier for Speakers
  • Line Level Output for Paging Systems and Amplifiers
  • PC sound card interface connector
  • Dimensions: 3"w x 5"h x 1.25"d

*NOTE – Requires 12 Volt D.C Power Supply Such as the DVR-P1216 or any Filtered/ Regulated 11 - 14 VDC Power Source which are sold separately.

Core pieces to set up your complete system. All pieces sold separately.

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