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Item Details
Item Name
Cord Grip For 1.000 - 1.125 Dia. Cable - 1.25" Hub
Item Number
Item # N.P.T.
Hub Size
Cord Range Color Code Typical
Wire Size
ZS 413 1.25” 1.000 - 1.125 None 6/4, 6/5, 4/4
ZS 414 1.25” 1.125 - 1.250 None 6/5, 4/4, 4/5

Item # ZS 413 Pictured Below

Machined Aluminum Cord Connectors

One-piece, connector body design with machined threads and the patented GOTCHA® ring incorporates a split hinge design to prevent friction and provide strain relief. The ring is also color-coded for sizing identification.

The machined threads provide a strong positive seal and the tapered interior dome easily drives the bushing into the connector body.

A lubricated neoprene bushing compresses easily for a liquid-tight seal and added pullout protection.

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