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Samson Airline 77 Headset Wireless Microphone
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Samson Airline 77 Headset Wireless Microphone
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This professional wireless microphone system allows for complete mobility. No cables, no belt pack. The light-weight, micro-size transmitter is mounted directly to the headset microphone headband. No cables dangling to get caught.

The Dual antenna, diversity system delivers outstanding performance without interference and drop-out.

Samson wireless systems are used by performers, recording artist and audio professionals throughout the world.

  • True Diversity UHF Wireless System
  • Headset Unidirectional Cardioid Mic with Headband Mounted Transmitter
  • CR77 Receiver with Audio and RF level Indicators
  • Balanced XLR and Unbalanced 1/4" Audio Outputs with Mic/line Level Output Selector
  • Transmitter Uses Single AAA Battery, Receiver Uses AC Power Adapter ( supplied ) Or 12VDC Source
  • Typical Transmitter Battery Life: 12 - 14 Hours ( AAA size battery )
  • Warranty: 1 Year To Original Purchaser

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