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LED Light Tile Module
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LED Light Tile Module
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This versatile, super-bright LED lighting module has 4 different pre-programmed light sequence modes:
1 - Both Border and Center All LED's On,
2 - Border Chase with Center Solid
3 - Border Flash with Center Flash
4 - Border Flash with Center Solid

  • Adds Excitement and Visibility
  • Combination of Flashing and Steady Illumination Light Sequence
  • 80 Super Bright LED’s
  • 24VAC Operation
  • Dimensions: 5.30” x 4.43” x 1.0” (L x W x D)
  • Available Colors: (RB) Red w/ Blue Center, (RG) Red w/ Green Center, (RW) Red w/ White Center, (YB) Yellow w/ Blue Center, (YG) Yellow w/ Green Center, (YW) Yellow w/ White Center
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