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Showmen Supplies’ extremely bright, high-quality LED flood light, The Illuminator™ is great for rides, attractions, concession trailers, signs, safety and area lighting: just about anything! Start with the single panel 60-Watt/7800 lumens unit or the double panel 120-Watt/15.6K lumens. For broader lighting applications, 3-, 5- and 7-panel Illuminator floods are available.

Available Items
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The Illuminator™ LED Flood 120 Watt
Illuminator LED Flood 120 Watt
Item#: FL-120

The Illuminator™ LED Flood 180 Watt
Illuminator LED Flood 180 Watt
Item#: FL-180(*)(*)HD

The Illuminator™ LED Flood 300 Watt
Illuminator LED Flood 300 Watt
Item#: FL-300

The Illuminator™ LED Flood 420 Watt
Illuminator LED Flood 420 Watt
Item#: FL-420

The Illuminator™ LED Flood 60 Watt
Illuminator LED Flood 60 Watt
Item#: FL-60

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