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Fabric Kamikaze 2/Banzai/Footloose Assembly parts. Refer to the illustration and chart below for part number when searching and ordering.

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Air Fitting 1/88SPP; 13mm O-Ring
Air Fitting 1/88SPP - 1/88SPP 13mm O-Ring
Item#: F506-8005

Air Fitting 90d Swivel 6mm
Air Fitting 90d Swivel Pneumatic Fitting 6mm Push - 1/88SPP
Item#: F506-8022

Center Bolt Assembly
Center Bolt Assembly
Item#: F620-4146

Linkage Arm KK2
Linkage Arm KK2
Item#: F620-4142

Linkage Cap, Pneumatic Cylinder
Linkage Cap for Pneumatic Cylinder
Item#: F620-4134

Linkage End Fitting
Linkage End Fitting
Item#: F620-4143

Linkage Mechanism Sleeve
Linkage Mechanism Sleeve KK2
Item#: F620-4144

Plunger for Lap Bar Secondary Latching Mechanism
Item#: F620-4130

Pneumatic (Air) Cylinder
Pneumatic (Air) Cylinder KK2 HR
Item#: F508-0160

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