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Inversion. 12 person capacity.
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Bolt/Stud M14x1.5 42CrMoV for INV12 Gondola
Bolt with thread size M14x1.5 made out of 42CrMoV alloy steel for use on INV12 (Inversion) gondolas.
Item#: K-6510

Brake Pad Set Gond Brake INV12/SPD08
Brake Pad Set
Item#: K-M7530

Digital Pressure Switch For INV12 PK6522
Digital Pressure Switch
Item#: K-C8486

Lap Bar Hyd Cylinder For EXP24 & INV12
Lap Bar Hyd Cylinder
Item#: K-S5214

Motor For Gond Brake Hyd Sys INV12/SPD08
Motor For Gond Brake
Item#: K-M7540

Oil Balloon For Gond Brake INV12/SPD08
Oil Balloon
Item#: K-M7534

PLC Expansion Module For INV12/HSW24 MO1P
KMG ride programmable logic controller expansion
Item#: K-C8358

PLC w/ Program For INV12
Item#: K-C8350

Plug For Emergency/Utility Sys On INV12
Plug For Emergency
Item#: K-E3640

Prox Switch For SPD08 INV12 and TRO18
Proximity Switch
Item#: K-C8480

Pump For Gond Brake Hyd Sys INV12/SPD08
Pump For Gond Brake
Item#: K-M7542

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