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You may also know the FRB16 as a Frisbee or Freakout. 16 person capacity.
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Bolt Solenoid For 2nd Seat Lock FRB16/24
Bolt Solenoid
Item#: K-S5250

Cooling Fan For FRB16 Seat Roto Motor
Cooling Fan
Item#: K-M7240

Enclosure Box Cover w/Screws For FRB16
Enclosure Box Cover w/Screws
Item#: K-E3528

Enclosure Clear Cover  for Tfmr on FRB16
Enclosure Clear Cover
Item#: K-E3530

Gondola Arm Support Pin Assy FRB16
Gondola Arm Support Pin Assy
Item#: K-H6330

Guide Wheel Block For Slide Fence FRB16
Guide Wheel Block
Item#: K-H6305

Pin Tapered For Spreader Bar On FRB16
Pin Tapered For Spreader Bar
Item#: K-H6720

Plastic Cover For K-S5250 Bolt Solenoid
Covers Bolt Solenoid 2nd Lock FRB16/24/EXP24
Item#: K-S5252

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