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3M Scotch Super 88 Electrical Tape 3/4" Black
Color: Black, 3/4" x 66 Ft. Long, U.L. Listed
Item#: 3M88

Electrical Tape - 3/4" x 60 Ft - Red
Color: Red, U.L. Listed
Item#: 345-R

Electrical Tape - 3/4" x 60 Ft- Black
Color: Black, U.L. Listed
Item#: 345-B

Electrical Tape - 3/4" x 60 Ft- Blue
Color: Blue, U.L. Listed
Item#: 345-BL

Electrical Tape - 3/4" x 60 Ft- Green
Color: Green, U.L. Listed
Item#: 345-G

Electrical Tape - 3/4" x 60 Ft- White
Color: White, U.L. Listed
Item#: 345-W

Rubber Splicing Tape
Unvulcanized Rubber - Quickly bonds itself to form a solid mass or watertight protection.
Item#: EWRT3022

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