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0439 Strobe Bulb
Replacement Strobe Fixture Bulb
Item#: 0439

5001 Strobe Micro Bulb
Xenon Strobe Fixture Bulb
Item#: 5001

8-Pin Octal Socket Strobe Bulb
T13074 Replacement Strobe Fixture Bulb. Fits LL-800 and Others.
Item#: 2009

ART401 Strobe Bulb 120 Volt
120V, Fits E14 Base "Turbo" type lights
Item#: ART401

ART401 Strobe Bulb 220 Volt
Fits E14 Base "Turbo" type lights
Item#: ART401/220

ART-ST15 Strobe Bulb 220V
1500W Replacement Strobe Fixture Bulb, 220 V, 15.5" Long
Item#: ART-ST15

ART-ST25 Strobe Bulb 2500W 220V
2500W Replacement Strobe Fixture Bulb, 220 V
Item#: ART-ST25

Xenon Flash Tube
Replacement Bulb for Code 3 LL1200, Old Style Astro-Flash LL800 and others
Item#: T13074

ZB-100 Strobe Bulb
Replacement Bulb for S-101A and others
Item#: ZB100

ZB-45 Strobe Bulb
ZB 45 Strobe Bulb - 1/4" pin spacing
Item#: ZB45

ZB-45MCW Strobe Bulb - Wide Pin Spacing
ZB 45 Strobe Bulb - Wide Pin Version 1/2" pin spacing
Item#: ZB45MCW

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