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Festoon Type Bulbs
Festoon Type Replacement Lamps
Miniature Bulbs
T-3 1/4, T-1 3/4, G-3 1/2, G-6 and S-8 Miniature Bulbs.
Sealed Beam
Reflector Type Lamps, AR111, PAR36, PAR46

Floodlight Bulbs
Flood Light Lamp, R20, R30, BR40, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 and Others
MR-11 Lamps
Assorted Wattage and Beam Spread MR11 Lamps
Sign Bulbs
Sadokin 10,000-hour sign bulbs, 7.5, 10S11, 11S14 in transparent and ceramic colors

Halogen Bulbs
Automotive Type Halogen Bulbs, H1, H3 and H4 Type. Double Ended Quartz Halogen Linear J-Type and Capsylite Flood Lamps
MR-16 Lamps
Compact MR-16 Halogen Type Lamps With Dichroic Reflectors. Standard and LED Types
Strobe Bulbs
Replacement Bulbs for Strobe Lights

T5.5 Incandescent Lamps, T5.5 Type
S6 Bulbs
Assorted S6 Type Incandescent Replacement Lamps
Turbo Bulbs
T-5 1/2 Turbo, T-3 Miniature Bulbs, E14 and E10 Incandescent Bulbs

LED Type Bulbs
T5.5, E-14 Base - 220, 130, 120, 110, 60 Volt Modular LED Bulbs, Standard, Array and Cluster Type LED Bulbs
Available Items
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24" Cool White LED Tube
10W, 2 Pin, T8 Base
Item#: F20T8/LED10/50

RGB LED Puck Light
24V, 2W, 40mm, Pre-programmed LED
Item#: RGB24A(*)

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