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Amusement Ride Control Console Station Assembly MkII
Colors: Gray, Stainless Steel, Custom—Freestanding Ride Control Console
Item#: RCC1212SV2

Amusement Ride Control Station Box
Ride Control Station Box - Unloaded, unpunched
Item#: WC12C12-SPL

Control Pedastal Enclosure
Steel 16" x 12" Sloped Nema 12 Rated
Item#: 1488HJ9

Elapsed Time Meter 120 Volt Version
120 Volt Version
Item#: 503HRM1615M

Elapsed Time Meter 120 Volt Version
120 Volt Version
Item#: 2401

Elapsed Time Meter 240 Volt Version
240 Volt Version
Item#: 2402

Frequency Meter With 55 - 65Hz Range
Measurement Range: 100 - 125 VAC, 55 - 65Hz
Item#: ST90HZ55651

Leveling Control Box w/ 60’ Cable
Control Box w/ Attached Cable
Item#: LCB4-70

Panelmount Ampmeter 0-100 Amps AC
Panelmount Ampmeter. Rating: 0 - 100 Amps AC
Item#: 2802

Switch Control Box Preloaded - Start and Stop
2 Button - Preloaded with STOP and START Button
Item#: E22ASB204

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