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Products > Lighting
All LED Lighting
Illuminator LED Flood Lights, LED Fixtures, Bulbs and Tubes
Halogen Flood Fixtures
Quartz Halogen Flood Light Fixtures and Accessories
Light Towers
Hydraulic Lift Light Towers by Semcor

Amusement - Carnival Ride Cabochon Lighting Parts
Cabochon caps, bases and lenses for Starlights, TL47, TE40,TL67, VSV-Zamperla, ASL, KMG Lights and More
Lamp Sockets
Lamp Holders and Lamp Sockets for Incandescent, Fluorescent, Quartz and miscellaneous lamps
Metal Halide
Metal Halide Bulbs and Fixtures

Bulbs and Lamps
Assortment of Flood, Halogen, Incandescent, LED, Miniature, MR11, MR16, S6, Sign, Sealed Beam and Turbo Bulbs in various base sizes and colors
LED Bulbs
LED lights—when compared to conventional incandescent technology—use less energy, offer longer life, operate with lower heat, are more durable and lighter weight.
Rope Lights
Flexible, versatile rope lighting can be formed into endless combinations of shapes, letters and symbols. Available in many rich, vibrant colors: sure to attract attention!

Channel Lighting
Alumninum Strip Lighting Products and Accessories
LED Fixtures
LED Floodlight and Specialty Fixtures Featuring Durable, Energy-Efficient LEDs
Sign Lighting Control - Flashers & Chasers
Solid State, Mechanical Flashing Devices and Light Chasers

DJ and Stage Lighting
A great selection of DJ and Stage Lighting products by American DJ, Elation, American Audio and more
LED Light Tubes
Self-contained 40" Light Tubes, Light Sticks, Light Strips
Temporary Lighting
Temporary Lighting Stringers for Standard Size Lamp Bases

Fluorescent Tubes
Fluorescent Lighting Tubes, Fixtures, Ballasts and Lampholders
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